The Jake's Difference


Are you ready for real golf results founded in the biomechanics of the golf swing? Jake's is your place! We believe in training vs. the traditional golf lesson and have been studying the body and the golf swing for 30+ years with real, lasting results in our students.

"Jake's Academy instructors are the best in the business, no question! Within one month of training at Jake's my game improved dramatically. Doug's personality and training methods allowed me to make a major swing change through simple and repeatable drills and I have developed a more effective golf swing." 

-Dennis (current adult student and avid golfer).

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Proven Results


"My swing mechanics are now better...I hit the ball much further and straighter than I had been. Jake’s Academy worked out quite a few issues that I always had in my swing that were holding me back from serious consistency and quality of play. Meeting Doug was a life-changing day."

- Gus Lundquist, age 18.
 CO State High School 5A Champion and Scholarship recipient University of Louisville


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