At Jake's Academy we believe in golf training vs. golf lessons. Lessons provide short-term "fixes". Our proprietary golf training provides high-level instruction and drills that are simple to learn and based on the biomechanical movements of the body. We strives to work with golfers from the junior ranks to adults who want to succeed at the highest level in the sport. While students will gain the skills necessary to be successful on the course, the lessons they learn while attending Jakes will help them be successful in all aspects of life.

The inherent beauty of the game of golf is its ability to teach. It teaches much about honor, respect, courage, humility, honesty, and integrity. Jakes not only teaches its golfers the necessary skills to succeed on the course, but it uses the game of golf to show students how to be successful in all areas of life, propelling them to a life of endless possibilities.

"Good scores come from good shots. Good shots come from good swings. One must learn to make repeatable, efficient swings to compete in golf."

- Jake Warde, namesake of Jake's Academy