Adult Training

Moving away from the traditional model of Instruction and the one-hour quick fix lesson, Jakes Academy offers a training programs guaranteed to direct you to your golf goals!

Jake’s golf training has a curriculum that our adults will follow and based on their ability level, physical ability and goals, a growth plan will be developed. Each coaching session will be in a one-hour training format (1 instructor to 1-4 students). 

We have divided the year into four (4) quarterly programs, each one focusing on a different aspect of development, and the resources we have available to us in the diverse Colorado climate. 

Program Specifics: 

  • $75 per individualized session. 
  • Unlimited individualized sessions per month (within available time slots) - $500 per month. 
  • Instruction will take place from 8:30am-12pm Monday-Friday (September-April) and from 2pm-8pm Monday-Friday (May-August). 

Contact us to set up a free consultation: 303-708-1090.