Corporate Golf Clinics

This clinic style program is very popular for groups of corporate members generally 5-12 students. Many of our corporate clients choose this program to reward employees, clients and vendors. At Jake’s Academy you can offer these special guests the truly unique opportunity to improve their golf game under the tutelage of the best teachers in the country. Our corporate programs offer the premier mix of business and fun!

Program Details

Since the needs of corporation’s vary greatly, most of our corporate golf programs are custom designed to meet the needs of your group. These sessions are tailored around the following basic breakdown:

  • Two - 2 hour sessions of golf training on a Friday evening.
  • Two - 2 hour sessions of golf training on a Saturday afternoon.

Due to the need for flexibility, Jake’s Academy can schedule these events based off of your companies needs and availability.

Cost: Vary based on availability, customized schedule, amount of training sessions, and number of attendees. 

Contact us for more information or to set up a free consultation: 303-708-1090.