Junior Training

We believe in committed training vs. traditional lessons. Designed for juniors ages 10 – 17, we have programming that fits all ability levels: 

  • The elite player that desires to be competitive at the High School, collegiate and professional level.
  • The pre-elite player who is looking to gain some confidence, camaraderie and fellowship with others interested in the game. 
  • The beginner or developmental player whose desire is to get introduced to the game and see if it is a sport for them.

Program Specifics:

Elite juniors receive individualized and group training in 3 month modules (quarters). Training focuses on all aspects of golf needed to be a competitive player including: swing development, short game, putting, fitness and mental training.

We have divided the year into four (4) quarterly programs, each one focusing on a different aspect of development, and the resources we have available to us in the diverse Colorado climate. 

What kind of training do junior students get?

  • Junior Students have a certain number of practice sessions per week, every week of the year (excluding major holidays), with other juniors. These classes form the foundation for the junior’s growth and consistent progress towards greatness.
  • Lone Tree Golf Course has extended practice privileges and play at very low rates for our juniors.
  • Jake’s training techniques have proven successful for over 100’s of junior golfers around the world. Jake’s Academy has organized the top instructors in golf, fitness and mental training to provide coaching only the top professionals receive resulting in many of our students receiving athletic scholarships to some great institutions.
Contact us to set up a free consultation: 303-708-1090.